Earth Science Bartlett

Earth Science, Mrs. Bartlett


 11/11 & 11/14  Earth 1 &3

                         Finish Resources PPT

                         Edit Rough Drafts

                         Homework: Finish Projects DUE THURSDAY


                        Earth 7

                        Finish Resources PPT

                        Tree Lab

                        Homework Long Term Climate Worksheet


                       Earth 4

                       Review "What is Climate" worksheets (2)

                       Resources PPT

                       Homework Take/Print 1 Quizlet Test (Climate Change by rbartlett)

11/6 & 11/7

    Earth 1 & 3  Review Color Cut Paste activity

                        Resources PPT

                        Homework: Rough Draft Due Monday


    Earth 7        Review 18.3

                       Climate Changes worksheet

                       Homework: Read 18.4 and answer section questions


     Earth 4       Finish Resources PPT

                       Review 18.4

                       Life of a Tree Lab

                       Homework: Finish Tree Lab

                                        What is Climate worksheets (2)

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